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CLASSES COMING January 2022!

To be skilled in feats of balance & agility while exhibiting coordination and exceptional core strength to conquer any sport or skill desired. 
"INVERTED" Fitness Training, a combination of traditional & unique styles of fitness exercises that are not just fun to try, but rewarding to master & will leave you eager to come back and try again!

Every class/ lesson is always changing offering an opportunity to try many different styles of fitness exercises.  We target every area of the body in each workout.  You will leave sore, sweaty, stretched out and ready to take on the day!

"INVERTED" Fitness Training isn't just a great way to get into shape, but also a highly beneficial cross training experience that can help to better any other sport, art or hobby.   Since we work strength, balance, coordination, endurance, unique muscles, and implement stretching in every workout, we promise INVERTED's workouts will have a positive impact on whatever your fitness goals may be!
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