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"The Performers Of Today Training The Performers Of Tomorrow!"

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Amanda Cortellesso 

Arielle Extreme is an aerial & cirque style training school.  We invite you to challenge both body and mind and join us and let us introduce you to a completely new form of fitness training. 

  Whether you're looking for a new hobby, an exciting new workout program or maybe you want to become a professional performer? We have you covered and we are excited to work with you! 

 If you want to increase your total body strength, increase flexibility, have better coordination, build more confidence or maybe you just want to defy gravity for fun, we've got you covered! 


 Arielle classes will offer all of this and more in a fun and safe environment!

With no experience needed, (although we do ask that you have a bit of athletic background or slightly in shape when signing up for classes, private lessons, and semi-private lessons) classes and private lessons are offered for children, adults, men & women alike! 

Arielle instructors are practicing performers, many still active on the performing scene.

 This offers our students the unique opportunity to work directly with on-stage performers for the most current info in the industry.  

 We are fully insured and all instructors of Arielle are trained to work with children and adults in all aspects of Arielle training.  Our instructors come from various athletic/ artistic backgrounds such as yoga, gymnastics, ballet, Latin dance, personal training fitness, and more. 

 Sign up today and you'll be climbing, spinning, and enjoying your highflying total body workout in no time!

Come fly with us today!


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